DHT vs Androstan-3-alpha-ol-17-one

  1. DHT vs Androstan-3-alpha-ol-17-one

    Is Androstan-3-alpha-ol-17-one a 5 alpha reductase that has the same properties as DHT?

    When I google "Androstan-3-alpha-ol-17-one DHT" they both seem to be a 5 alpha reductase of testosterone. So wouldn't they have the same effect on the body?

  2. Bump...I am also interested in knowing this

  3. Quote Originally Posted by teribleturtle View Post
    Bump...I am also interested in knowing this
    Androstan-3-alpha-ol-17-one is a DHT derivative While DHT is just DHT

  4. I am bringing this topic up again but I just want to know what exactly I will be putting in my body. Anyways so what exactly does it mean when a compound is a DHT deriative? does it mean that it interacts with the body in a manner similar to DHT? Would a user experience high DHT symptoms such as hair loss or androgenic hair growth?

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