Bulk P-Slin Mix + USPlabs Jacked dosing Strategy!

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    Bulk P-Slin Mix + USPlabs Jacked dosing Strategy!

    Option 1

    -30 Minutes Preworkout 3 scoops Jacked
    -Mix 400-600mgs bulk P-Slin with a Simple Carbohydrates like WMS, Malto or Dextrose with BCAAs or 10 grams of protein Isolate or hydrosolate or a mix a DRINK DURING WORKOUT


    Option 2

    -1.5-2 hours before workout take 400-600mgs bulk P-Slin 15 minutes before a Meal of 80-150grams Rice or carbohydrate of choice and 30-40 grams chicken breast or protein of choice.

    -30 minutes pre workout 3 scoops of Jacked

    Warning these Protocols will blow your Mind!

    those that want to go the extra mile take 2 prime and 3 powerfull with Jacked!

    Why PRIME pre workout? I been experimenting with 2 PRIME pre workout and well at least in my body significantly increases strength and muscular endurance Pre workout.

    Why PowerFULL with Jacked? PowerFULL increases Dopamine which is a coordination hormone so that means your will be one with your muscles. The ability to control muscle contractions is a cool feeling...like you are one with the muscle!

    PowerFULL also increases vasodilatation and buffers hydrogen ions(this is just a theory but those that use PowerFULL pre workout can attest that the set ends because of muscle fatigue not the "burn"). This combined with Beta Alanine from Jacked will without doubt let you add 3-4 more reps per set!

    PS if you are already Implementing a similar protocol let others know how it’s going! We need to help each other reach the next level of training and discussion is the best education.

  2. sweet. going to have to try this! i love pslin

  3. these look great!

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    these look great!
    Yes, I agree, your avatar does in fact look great!
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