1. u-Promise

    Have you guys ever considered working with the U-Promise program? I have my kids enrolled in it and love shopping at places that I get credit there for the kids college.

  2. We'd have college paid for for all three in 6 months.

    I second the motion.
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  3. I believe this was brought up back in the spring, but nothing came of it.

    Student Loans

    Hmm the 2 of you seem to be in the same boat... conspiracy?

  4. Unfortunately this would probably lead to prices being raised as I do not see how we could do this without losing on our already low profit margins. With the economy being what it is now raising prices even for a good cause would hurt rather than help us. If someone has experience with this type of programs and knows of a way it could be done without losing profit, let us know. It would be a great thing to do.

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