Suggestions for Mental Performance

  1. Question Suggestions for Mental Performance

    I am a full time grad student, and in a few months a full time med student.
    I have finals coming up and I am just completely out of gas, it's never been this bad.

    Any suggestions on something I can supplement with to imrprove focus, concentration, and memory. Something that I can use safely everyday would be ideal, I don't get days off from studying.

    I have used Clear Edge at 5X the dose and have used Focus XT, didn't get too much out of either.

    For the record I take no stimulants, dont even drink coffee. I take fish oil, a multi, healthy diet, sleep, exercise, etc.

    Thanks guys.

  2. I really do not think any nootropics should be used continuously as a personal preference.

    You could try sulbutiamine if you do not mind the mild stimulant effect, or opt for the classic piracetam/choline route which many swear by.

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