Order confirmed and paid but still pending

  1. Order confirmed and paid but still pending


    I put in an order on the 26th, so 2 days ago. I promptly received a confirmation that my order had been received, and I was given an Order Number. However I have not received any notice that the product has shipped, or if it has shipped at all. I'm interested to know so that I can obtain a FedEx tracking number. The order still says 'pending'.

    This is my first time ordering with NutraPlanet, as I used to order often from Bulk Nutrition but I stopped when I found that the way they dealt with customers left some room for improvement, and as well found various other irritations etc.

    I live in Australia and so I paid for the FedEx Int'l Priority.

    The product was then and is now in stock. According to a few posts I've read here, when the product is In Stock, it will typically be shipped the next business day, one example here:

    E.g from the thread 'Shipping Time' in this forum,
    Quote Originally Posted by NutraPlanet CS View Post
    If the availabililty reads "in stock", then the order will usually ship out by the following business day.
    The estimated shipping time for the product via FedEx International Priority is 1-3 days, obviously it's an estimate as I said and I'm sure no one expects their product to arrive within 3 days every time, because FedEx can often induce shipping delays.


    I'm not losing hours of sleep over this, but I just want to clarify these things, I hope you can understand any anxieties on my part: just that I'm ordering from you guys for the first time, the cash has already been charged to the card, my experiences with Bulk Nutrition left me somewhat wary of ordering online, etc.

    I guess, also, the main thing is I live in a bit of a small town, nothing too far out of the way, but far enough that there's no public transport, and for the next couple of days I'm the only one here.

    According to FedEx, if they turn up and you aren't home, they slap you with a collection charge of some sort. So yeah, that's another reason I'd be keen to know an arrival time, so I can leave the house :P

    I have sent an email to the Customer Service division about my order, but I suppose that it's just on about 7PM or so there now (could be wrong) in Georgia, and so I'd presume they'd be closed, which is why I thought I might have a crack at putting up a post here, hoping to catch someone browsing over the weekend.

    Thanks alot, any help at all is appreciated

  2. I think its because they are having Thanksgiving, which is on the 4th thursday of November. I think it's a holiday in the US.

    yeah, I am a foreign customer too. Normally when I place an order in the morning (US time), it gets shipped out in the same day.

    I had placed an order 2 days ago, and it only shows "processing" now.


  3. Ahh :P Wow, didn't even occur to me actually. Because yeah that's exactly when I placed my order so it makes perfect sense. I guess I should have figured that out, but ah well, not a problem.

    Cheers, thanks very much for that

  4. Yeah, the 27th was Thanksgiving here in the States. You probably ordered late enough in the day on Wednesday where there wasn't enough time to process and ship. With Thursday being a national holiday, and most people having Friday off as well (not sure about people over at the Planet though,) your order will likely get shipped out sometime on Monday...

  5. dont stress! u ll get u r order , NP is stand up company , juss made a 820 $ order and it s precessing now i am sure they ll ship it by Monday due to thanksgiving , i always get my orders and i am ordering from Algeria " north africa"

  6. no problem! Glad to help a fellow international customer out.

    I was trying to figure out why my order wasn't being shipped out "immediately" too.

    Googled "thanksgiving" and found my answer.


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