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    I Know your being diplomatic here B unit, but if fitmodel thinks he is under pressure, how about the pressure of keeping multiple people employed in a failing economy, continually raising the bar on product offerings and sales so you do not fall behind the pact, maintaining amicable relationships with multiple contacts, some of which are so unreliable they make you want to pull your hair out, and keeping morale up when you know every one of your employees is worried about the financial crisis they see happening all around him. I wish every customer could spend some time with us so you can really see what we are all about, and the sacrifices Sam makes to keep prices low, his company afloat and people employed. This man drove a beat up old mini van with a cracked windshield for YEARS, because he would rather put the money into growing the company, and making sure his employees were compensated. I continually see him make sacrifices not only at NutraPlanet, but in his own life. The extent that he goes to help people is awe inspiring, and it is all done with no fanfare, and most of the time I'm the only one that knows what he does to help some of our customers with issues they are having in their lives. This is not even mentioning everything he does for us at NutraPlanet. One could easily assume that if fit model is indeed a model, he is pretty well off. Well you know what they say about ASSuming things. Just as we would not assume anything about you fitmodel, do not assume anything about us.
    Much respect to you, sir!

  2. Dammit, Nutra, would you stop making a ****ing profit already!?!

  3. I wish everyone on here had the opportunity to meet Sam in person. I truly doubt you'd find a business owner with more integrity and concern for their customers.

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    I love how you pretend to be an expert in the matters of things you know nothing of...quite amusing.

    First and foremost, we cannot control cost increases...this ranges from cost of goods all the way to the packing peanuts, boxes, and the fuel surcharges FedEx and other couriers charge us.

    Second, as we grow so does our overhead e.g. labor, warehouse, utilities, taxes, etc... In order for us to continually offer competitive prices and exceptional service, we have to incur growth and expansion increases. Every consumer has to ask themselves, do I want the lowest price or the best service? Because you WILL sacrifice one for the can find rock bottom prices on products but did you know you WILL wait for a month to get your order, and if you have problems will there be a customer service agent to handle your complaint and resolve your issue? We strive to offer THE BEST customer service while offering the best value--this means we actually make LESS profit than our competitors (yes, believe it or not).

    Lastly, we are constantly offering SUBSTANTIAL sales, everyday volume discount coupons on top of FREE shipping, and low flat rate shipping for smaller orders (we actually lose money on shipping). And this is just the tip of the iceberg, we are about to make a transitional shift in our business protocol to take low prices and FANATICAL customer service to the NEXT LEVEL (just wait and see)!

    So before you make asinine assumptions, might want to do your due diligence...and stop pretending to know what you obviously DON'T KNOW.

    For those of you who appreciate what NutraPlanet is and does, we will forever raise the bar to give you an experience unlike any other, for those chasing the lowest buck, happy hunting...HOLLA!
    ****ing ownd

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