NP's Geranium Anyone??

  1. NP's Geranium Anyone??

    So how is everyone lining the beauty of this product?

    Perfect laser-like energy and focus..Awesome appetite suppression and is a staple for fat loss from this point forward.

    I am loving this with DCP, ALA, and the NP Green Tea caps. Throw in some yohimbine, l-tyrosine, and extra caffeine and you are ready to be

  2. It's good

    although stim d1ck is apparent

    but any good stim does that


  3. Quote Originally Posted by Ubiyca View Post
    It's good

    although stim d1ck is apparent

    but any good stim does that

    stim d1ck???

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Beau View Post
    stim d1ck???
    Better known as Whiskey d1ck?

    Old man d1ck's red-headed step-bastard.

  5. Grab yourself some test boosters and anti-e's and you will be okay.

    NP's 6-OXO
    TnT Stack

  6. i haven't tried geranium yet, although i've been wanting to.
    it's amazing how cheap NP's bulk geranium caps are!

  7. i know, the price is right, the quantity is perfect and the reliability is already well on the market:bruce3:

  8. Tried this with Ephedrine and Caffeine, stimed out big time. Couldn't sleep for hours, was good at the time though.

    Will try it on its own and post comments as it was probably down to the ephedrine and caffeine too.

  9. For those tring it for the first time i wouldn't have any other stims until you see how you react. It is very powerful.

    I had 50 mg (2 x 25mg caps) with 2 Basic Cuts and although my heart wasn't racing i got a weird beating feeling in my pulmonary system which lasted 10-15 min.

    Definitely start slow with this.

    I love it now and will base my stims around it till early Feb.

    I also like it with Chocamine and Sulbutiamine.....which just arrived.

  10. Yes, be very careful when starting out. Can get quite weird if you mix and match too much up front....

  11. I got the original NP 100mg caps..

    Its too much, my **** shrunk 50% and my balls tighten up so much it was painful!

    Someone mentioned to take HGW50% with it... but seriously, i was in pain for 3-4 hrs!!! My balls were killing me!


  12. i like this product a lot. been dosing 3-4 pre workout

  13. Quote Originally Posted by ticco View Post
    i like this product a lot. been dosing 3-4 pre workout
    OMG, How many mg is that?

  14. 180-240 i don't feel anything from 1 or 2. I am extremely tolerant of stims including eca and clen i felt no sides from either of those. i stopped upping the clen (around 200mcg) for fear it was doing something to me that i was unable to detect


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