rain check

  1. rain check

    Not sure of the policy. Went to go purchase 2 Leviathan reloaded/DCP stack. Out of stock. Sale ends on the 3rd, I believe. Anyway I can get a rain check?

  2. Lack of replies by said company seems to be a habit, well, at least for me, it would seem. A simple yay or nay would have sufficed. I've been a pretty loyal customer for quite some time. This is something of a turn off, sorry to be a b1tch.

    estimated ETA

  3. sorry for just getting back. i know everyone is super busy getting orders shipped from the latest sale.

    sale items are only available as long as supplies last. many sale items sell out quickly so you gotta be fast. wish i had better news. there is still a lot of good sale items available and i guarantee we will have future deals as well.

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