verification process.

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    verification process.

    What happens if you dont bank online, my sister order me some taruine and she got any email that said this ::Dear valued customer, thank you for your recent order with NutraPlanet!
    In our efforts to protect our customers from credit card fraud, we
    require orders flagged by Verisign to undergo a verification process.
    In order for us to process and ship your order, please email us
    the transaction details from your online banking report. You can easily
    obtain these details by logging in to your card issuing bank's website
    and copying and pasting the transaction details into an email and
    sending it to: m.

    Once we receive the transaction details and verify it with your bank, we
    will ship out your order as soon as possible. This will only be a one
    time verification process and all future orders will not undergo this

    Thank you for your understanding as we effort to protect your payment

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    what did she use to make payment? a credit card?
    if so she should be able to log into the cc website and grab verification.

    i know it's a pain in the ass but this is just an extra security measure that is being done on some new customers to protect our customers and avoid fraud.

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