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Phyto Testosterone (8 fl. oz.) By: Primordial Performance

What is Phyto-Testosterone?

is a complex of plant extracts that mimic & amplify the action of testosterone to make your muscles harder, stronger and fuller. It is an oral formula that tastes close to maple syrup and is taken twice daily with a provided measuring spoon. At the average dose, Phyto-Testosterone will last 30 days.

Perhaps you have heard of the natural plant flavones known as “phyto-estrogens” or the nasty man-made synthetic chemicals known as “xeno-estrogens”. Essentially, these are chemicals that act like estrogen in our bodies. Some of these compounds (especially the xeno-estrogens) can cause unwanted side-effects such as breast tissue growth, impotence, and an overall fat & flabby appearance. What’s worse, is that these estrogen mimicking compounds are found virtually everywhere, including our food, water, plastics, and even our soap and shampoo. The point is, it’s almost impossible to totally avoid these estrogenic elements, so we simply have to deal with the fact that they play a role in our bodies to some extent. (We will give you the full scoop on phyto and xeno estrogens in a future article).

So the question remains, where is Mother Nature’s balance to these estrogenic compounds? Where are the compounds that act like testosterone in our bodies?

That is exactly what we have brought you, a completely legal, natural, and scientifically proven complex that supports lean muscle growth, rather than breast growth. Phyto-Testosterone is truly man’s best friend.

Consider Phyto-Testosterone our premium muscle building product that will produce solid gains in lean muscle mass relatively quickly, especially when combined with ample protein intake. Plus, it will stack well with our other products, including Dermacrine and Sustain Alpha for a synergistic effect.

What are the ingredients & how does it work?

The first ingredient is a Fenuside complex extracted from the Fenugreek herb. In a study with castrated animals this ingredient supported muscle and sexual organ growth just as much as testosterone, essentially showing that it can mimic the effects of Testosterone. (1) Other research with male athletes (ages 18-35) showed that 600mg/day of Fenuside extract for 8 weeks dramatically reduced fat tissue while increasing lean muscle. These effects were accompanied without any detrimental side effects typically related to the intake of anabolic steroids, such as gynecomastia, high blood pressure, or liver damage. (2)

The second ingredient in Phyto-Testosterone is the tried & proven methoxyisoflavone (5-methyl-7-methoxy Isoflavone). This was invented and patented in the 1970’s as a muscle building plant flavone that could be used as an alternative to steroids for humans and animals.(3) Just check out a quote straight from the patent by Feuer et al –

“On examining the data of the analysis of body weight it was found that the weight increase of the muscle tissue was specifically greater than that of the fat tissue, and that fat content of the muscle tissue decreased, while that of proteins rose.”

And further stating…

“We succeeded in partially suppressing the catabolic effect of cortisone with these compounds, and proved that identical doses of anabolic steroids do not exert anabolic effects stronger than that of the invented compounds.”

In other words, methoxyisoflavone increased lean muscle gain comparable to that of anabolic steroids, but without any estrogenic or toxic side effects. (4,8) Interpreting studies and results of related flavones, it appears that the mechanism of methoxyisoflavone’s anabolic action is by suppression of cortisol, thus preventing the catabolic breakdown of muscle. (6) It also appears that methoxyisoflavone may positively augment the action of testosterone and estrogen. More specifically it’s been hypothesized that when high levels of hormone are present (ie, testosterone) methoxyisoflavone will amplify the anabolic effects of the hormone. (5,7) Therefore, methoxyisoflavones muscle building & fat burning effects can be attributed to potentiating anabolic effects of other hormones, while decreasing the catabolic effects.

How is Phyto-Testosterone better than other related products?

With Phyto-Testosterone, you have a unique synergy. You have Fenuside with its testosterone mimicking effects, and methoxyisoflavone with its testosterone potentiating effects, combined with an advanced oral delivery matrix. Plus, we’ve included a clinically effective dose of each ingredient, ensuring that you are getting the real deal, instead of some diluted “catch all” concoction.

Phyto-Testosterone is also a welcome alternative to many pro-hormones (pro-steroids) on the market that can be highly suppressive to the body’s natural testosterone production, as well as potentially being highly liver toxic. On top of this, Phyto-Testosterone poses no risk of showing positive on a drug test, since none of the ingredients are banned by the NCAA or other major athletic organizations.

Does Phyto-Testosterone have any side effects?

The safety profile of the active ingredients has been well established over the years with various human clinical trials. There have been no documented side effects with either ingredient in the formula. (1-4) The only “side-effect” that may accompany the product is an increase in appetite, due to increased protein retention, so get your cupboards stocked! Also, keep in mind that Phyto-Testosterone is intended to be cycled to avoid any possible suppression of the body’s natural testosterone production. However unlikely suppression of natural testosterone production may be, we currently recommend that Phyto-Testosterone be used for a maximum of 8 weeks, with at least 4 weeks off between each use.

What results should I expect from Phyto-Testosterone?

An increase in 8-12lbs of solid lean muscle could be obtained within 4-6 weeks with Phyto-testosterone if accompanied with proper food intake and weight training. An increase in strength and stamina should become noticeable within several weeks, along with an increased appetite for food. For the best results, consume at least 1-2gm of protein per lb of body weight. This will ensure that you have adequate amino acid levels for increased muscle growth.

Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 4 cc
Servings per Container: 60

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value
Testofen (Fenugreek extract standardized for 50% Fenuside) 400 mg **
5-Methyl-7-Methoxy Isoflavone 400 mg