Thanks for being awesome NP!

  1. Thanks for being awesome NP!

    Not my first time ordering but definitely another satisfied customer! I used to buy only from BN but i am now a loyal nutraplanet customer and anabolicminds freak!

    Thanks for the order! Got it in Wisconsin in 2 days and on a Saturday!

    And thanks for throwing in a few samples for me!

    and has now joined my stash!

    THANKS AGAIN NP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would recommend you guys to anyone!

  2. Excellent choices Also the only Xtend flavour I haven't tried. Thank you for choosing NutraPlanet!

  3. yeah i feel like i really bought some essentials this time rather than some stuff i really didnt need. The epistane was just a little gift to myself though

    Its my first time buying xtend. I like it so far!

  4. Nice to see another guy from the Midwest! You will love Xtend!

  5. Nice stash!
    “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, excellence is not an act, but a habit.”

  6. just had excellent support from np love you guys.

  7. Always awesome customer service!!

    Was an NP advocate well before I even joined the team as an athlete. Customer service speaks volumes about a company's attitude and goals and that is why NP is definitely the best shop online..


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