Thanks for being awesome NP!

  1. Thanks for being awesome NP!

    Not my first time ordering but definitely another satisfied customer! I used to buy only from BN but i am now a loyal nutraplanet customer and anabolicminds freak!

    Thanks for the order! Got it in Wisconsin in 2 days and on a Saturday!

    And thanks for throwing in a few samples for me!

    and has now joined my stash!

    THANKS AGAIN NP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would recommend you guys to anyone!

  2. E****lent choices Also the only Xtend flavour I haven't tried. Thank you for choosing NutraPlanet!

  3. yeah i feel like i really bought some essentials this time rather than some stuff i really didnt need. The epistane was just a little gift to myself though

    Its my first time buying xtend. I like it so far!

  4. Nice to see another guy from the Midwest! You will love Xtend!

  5. Nice stash!
    “We are what we repeatedly do. Therefore, e****lence is not an act, but a habit.”

  6. just had e****lent support from np love you guys.

  7. Always awesome customer service!!

    Was an NP advocate well before I even joined the team as an athlete. Customer service speaks volumes about a company's attitude and goals and that is why NP is definitely the best shop online..


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