Why does my Taurine looks different?

  1. Question Why does my Taurine looks different?

    Just ordered some more bulk Taurine and it looks more "fluffy" than previous purchases. It has always had a more "crystalline" look.

    Any possible errors in labeling?

  2. Herbals can vary from batch to batch, Taurine is a bit more consistent. It's possible we just changed suppliers. Just make sure you adjust your dosing to the density of the new powder (If it changed).

  3. Most, if not all products have what they call a granular grade and a powder grade. One or the other may be best used in liquid or meal bar applications or what-have-you.

    Since we just sell the bulk stuff, we take what is in stock when we need it. We try to stay consistent, but if switching means preventing an item being out of stock, then we will take what they have on hand.

    Hope that helps.

  4. good bulk taurine should look fluffy and crystalline at the same time.
    i notice when i first open a container it is fluffy, but by the end of the tub, from shaking and using, the crystals have broken down to a finer powder.

    edit: just saw nutraman's post above. i guess there are two grades.

  5. Was just come to update this thread but it looks like you found it Nutraman I learned something from this as well!

  6. Thanks for clearing this up for me guys!

    I've never experienced the "fluffy" stuff, so it kinda through me a bit.
    I have know doubt of the quality...NP is my main source!


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