ETA on RPN ZMK V-caps?

  1. ETA on RPN ZMK V-caps?

    Just curious when you guys will get those in stock? My bottle of ZMA is only gonna last me like another week at most if even half the week.

    Got some other stuff I wanted to order too but was waiting on the ZMK V-caps.

  2. Might be a while... I hear RPN doesn't make ZMK

    MST on the other hand, I'll PM them and see if they know when it's shipping out.

  3. Available at NP on Nov 30th: Until then, there's an exclusivity contract with these veggie caps and another retailer. Sorry for the wait!

  4. Oh yeah, that's right RPN makes Gut Health which I was waiting on the MST ZMK. Oh well.

    Thanks for the quick response.

  5. Yeah, those are the tabs, was waiting for the new veggie-capped ones but my ZMA ran out so I'll try the tabs for this month.


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