Fall and Winter bulking arsenals

  1. Fall and Winter bulking arsenals

    So the summer is gone and now the real fun begins!! Time to pack on the lean muscle tissue and keep bodyfat levels relatively low..

    What are you guys out there doing to upgrade yourself?

    I'm liking:

    Pre Workout:
    NP Beta Alanine
    NP Creatine
    VPX NO Shotgun
    NP Kwick Karb
    Generic Labz Stimd Out
    Generic Labz BCAA-EE

    Post Workout
    ON 100% Whey
    Kwick Karb
    Vanadyl Sulphate
    NP Creatine

    To keep the metabolism humming:
    NP Green Tea Caps
    NP CLA
    NP Caffeine and Yohimbine

    Other supps:
    Definitely going to get some NP L-Dopa!!
    NP Fish Oils
    Milk Thistle
    Animal Pak
    Vitamin C and E
    USP Super Cissus
    USP Prime
    GL Cissus-Drol

    and probably a lot more I'm forgetting..This is not all at once, but sprinkled here and there..

    So let's here it!! I'll add on as I remember..

    Happy Bulking boys and girls!!

  2. Quite the arsenal you've got Grexx. Makes for some great bulking!

    Perhaps consider adding some Resveratrol in just for the health benefits. Or even the whole TNT combo!

  3. I will definitely be trying the TNT stack starting this month..Can't believe I forgot to mention that..Need some l-carnitine and other nootropics for memory and focus lol....

  4. Hey...I'm getting ready to throw one down too....be great to follow this one along.
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