X-Factor Question ???

  1. X-Factor Question ???

    Will bulk x-factor be re-stocked ? if so when ? i plan to purchuse some even if at regular price. Also does the tub make it through Australian customs ? Normally anything that is in a tub and doesnt list ingrediants they sieze

    In regard to the dosage differance when even though the bulk is more concentrated you are still taking 4 times the amount than the X-Factor. X Factor say take 1 cap at 250mg per day for 50 days. Bulk powder states: Consume up to 10,000mg of Bulk X-Factor (in divided doses) to receive 1,000 mg of actual arachidonic acid, per day for no more than 50 consecutive days.

    Unless i am just not getting it or misunderstanding it is saying that you are taking the same as 4 x factor caps per day...


  2. 10000mg of bulk XF=4 gels. It is a 10% powder.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. There will be an invoice with the shipment, and the powder will be labelled on the container. Check the giant Aussie Thread to see if anybody had problems w/ X-Factor.

  4. Okie dokie seems it will get through ok, now nutra just has to get some more bulk powder so i can buy it. Ill put a order in as soon as it is re-stocked as im sure alot of people will ))

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