X-Factor Restock?

  1. X-Factor Restock?

    Will the bulk X-Factor be restocked? If so I'll wait on purchasing some other products as it's an AMAZING deal, or is it gone from nutraplanet forever?

    Also, if it's restocked, will it be put back to $70?

    -Sorry, I would have posted this in the other thread, but couldn't make much sense of it and didn't want to hijack

  2. I warned you, lol NutraPlanet Blowout Savings Up To 60% OFF! .

    Not sure about the restock, but I imagine this was clearing out that inventory and when we got more it will be regular price.

  3. Waiting on an executive decision.

    That stuff went crazy fast!!

  4. Glad I got some.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

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