Juggernaut Nutrition E-Max Only $19.99

  1. Juggernaut Nutrition E-Max Only $19.99

    Just saw this included in the moving sale. How does this stuff compare to Epistane and Havoc? I know it's supposed to be the same ingredient, but I haven't seen many cycle logs on this product.

  2. I bridged/stacked it in my last cycle together with the original ergomax lmg. I didn't get so bloated that i usually do when i run ergo. More dry gains and strength than mass. I've never tried epi or havoc, but it seems to work the way it should. Maybe I'll give it a go again b/c of the price. great price btw.

    just my two.

  3. Thanks for your input. I'm surprised that there aren't more people who've used this product. I guess the solid reputation of Epistane and Havoc proved too much for this :dlroduct.

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