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Reversitol (60 Capsules) By: iForce Nutrition

REVERSITOL utilizes 5 cutting edge ingredients to:

* Increase Testosterone Serum Levels
* Increase Free Testosterone Levels
* Help Support A Healthy Libido
* Increase DHEA Levels

Scientifically Formulated REVERSITOL - Was designed with Optimal Hormone Regulation in mind. All hardcore athletes have felt this lack of intensity, resulting in declined performance, and loss of muscle gains. By controlling the production and levels of Testosterone and Estrogen, an athlete will ensure PEAK Performance. REVERSITOL promotes the optimal Hormone Regulation for applying Maximum FORCE!

Testosterone and Luteinizing Hormone are both directly responsible for muscular growth as well as intense strength gains. You want Testosterone levels as high as possible to guarantee maximum growth, and continued results. Reversitol’s unique blend of ingredients promotes the atmosphere in your body for optimal stimulation and production of TESTOSTERONE while ensuring the FREE TEST levels are pushed to the MAX!

Estrogen can have unwanted side effects such as fat gain, acne, loss of muscle, breast tissue growth, and even anxiety. These are the effects of having the wrong levels of Estrogen in your body. By reducing the negative impact of estrone metabolites (bas Estrogen) while preserving the benefits of estradiol and the ‘good’ 2-hydroxyestrone, it is possible to capitalize on the many positives that Estrogen has to offer. REVERSITOL’s synchronized pathways of estrogen control not only eradicate the bad estrogen but also regulate the production and conversion of the good Estrogens. Get the best of both worlds!

How is Reversitol used?

REVERSITOL will work for all men to assist in Hormonal Regulation. As males age a steady decline in key hormones causes them to lose a large percentage of lean body mass, and possibly experience emotional distress. REVERSITOL promotes the atmosphere in a male’s body to produce optimal gains both in the Gym and the Bedroom!

Stand Alone Cycle:

By regulating and optimizing the levels and production of key hormones in males, the body is able to ignite passion and vitality. Testosterone is the key Hormone for males. It is directly responsible for muscle growth and overall strength. On the other hand, Estrogen is still necessary for muscle gains in the gym because it has a direct effect on strength and joint mobility. By inhibiting the build up of Bad Estrogen and regulating the amounts of Good Estrogen, REVERSITOL promotes the healthy unadulterated male physique!

Post Cycle Therapy:

After bodybuilders come off any product that alters one’s natural hormones they suffer from low or zero levels of Testosterone, high levels of Estrogen in relation to Testosterone and low levels of RBC (Red Blood Cell count) in almost all cases. Too much estrogen post cycle can lead to many unwanted side effects like water retention, fat gain, and breast tissue growth. This is the exact opposite of what one needs in order to build or even maintain muscle mass, the less time in this catabolic state the better!

REVERSITOL is designed to be your all in one, complete Post Cycle Therapy product. REVERSITOL addresses all aspects necessary to reverse the negative sides effects usually found when completing a Cycle. Through our patent pending S.E.R.M. Matrix, iFORCE is able to raise Testosterone and Luteinizing Hormone, while jumpstarting the HPTA axis. The Estrogen Modulation Matrix (patent pending) focuses on inhibiting the build up of bad Estrogen while regulating levels of the Good Estrogen.

PCT REVERSITOL consumers experience

* Strength Gains While Cycling Off
* Increase In Lean Muscle Mass
* Increased Energy And Quicker Recovery


Extremely effective AI (Aromatase-inhibitor) for safely controlling the amount of estrogen your body produces while indirectly increasing testosterone levels. 6-Bromoandrosenedione works by reducing Estrogen levels, which help to indirectly raise Testosterone levels due to what is called the negative-feedback-loop. 6-Bromolandrostenedione, unlike most AI’s has no negative impact on sexual health.

ATD 1,4,6-Androstatriene-3,17-Dione:

An extremely effective AI (Aromatase-inhibitor), ATD eliminates the production of estrogen in the body. This effect is noticed dramatically by a concomitant increase in testosterone production and overall feeling of well-being. ATD makes an excellent PCT to cycles by minimizing estrogenic side effects. ATD raises endogenous levels of testosterone by controlling the Aromatase enzyme.


Trans Resveratrol is found in the skin of red grapes and is a constituent of red wine. Similar to Nolvadex, Trans Resveratrol works at the receptor level to help aid the estrogen receptors. This means you will be eradicating estrogen while boosting the natural production of Testosterone. The key to Trans Resveratrol is its capability of modulating estrogenic receptors as well as controlling Aromatase.


A naturally occurring phytochemical found in vegetables such as broccoli and cabbage. Indole 3 Carbinol has the powerful effect of modulating estrogen metabolism. Estrogen metabolism is key to the progressive effect of relevant hormones. In general there are two metabolites that can be classed as “bad” which are known as estrone metabolites. There are also Good Estrogens, consisting of estradiol and 2-hydroxyestrone. Consumption of I3C has been shown on several occasions to increase Good Estrogens while effectively decreasing Bad Estrogen. This provides the atmosphere for strength building.

Eurycoma Long folia "Tongkat Ali":

Long jack is an herb that not only stimulates the production of endogenous testosterone, but also works to ensure that the raised levels of Testosterone are usable. There are two forms of Testosterone in the body - Bound and Free. Bound testosterone is useless in muscle growth. Free Testosterone is the JACK POT!! Free testosterone drives sexual stimulation as well as muscle building. Athletes which consume Long jack commonly report increased feelings of well-being, improved mental focus, and improved immune system function.

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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