Dinanex dosing question

  1. Dinanex dosing question

    235 lbs how many capsules do I need per day? It says up to three on the bottle.

    I ask because I wanted to run 2 caps per day, would I get optimal benefits from this or do i need 3?

    I'm guessing three. I want to extend it to 60 days instead of forty; however, I'll do the three per day if this is best. I'm pretty sure the answer is three per day. Just making sure though
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  2. I'm doing 4, and I'm only 167 atm. I would say 4-5, and spread it out evenly throughout the day with meal. 2 caps won't build the levels nearly high enough. I think I remember Rodja logging 2.5g, which would be just over 6 caps!

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