i made an order from nutra planet one week as of today and it still says pending...has anyone else had this problem and how did u fix it?i did that message thing in "contact us" 3 times this week and i always get....This is an automated response. Your email has been received and will be answered
in the most prompt manner possible.

First off, thank you for your business with NutraPlanet!

All of your questions or concerns are very important to us and they will be
answered in the order they are submitted. There will never be an instance that
you will be ignored. Therefore, if you do not receive an immediate response, it
is because we are currently busy with another email or we are out of the office.
If you do not receive a response within 24 hours during our days of operation,
please re-submit the email for it might have ended up in our junk folder.
Otherwise, please be patient and a representative will assist you as soon as
possible. Thank you!

please if u know anything that would help lemme know. thanks