1. Shipping


    a live in the UK and wondered if NutraPlanet would ship to the uk

    an how much will the charge be?

    Thanks Alot


  2. Yes, I believe NP will ship to the UK. The price will likely be dependent upon weight.

    You can either fill your shopping cart and attemp to check out or contact [email protected] m for support.

  3. Yep they definatly do. With your first order tho there will be a delay as they do a security check (they'll email you and ask for an authentication number. To get it you need to ring your bank/card company and ask them for it).

    When i buy from NP shipping is usually around $50 (using FedEx priority) and that includes some weighty items like creatine powder.

  4. thanks alot for the help

    will place order later

  5. Quote Originally Posted by tombaxter View Post
    thanks alot for the help

    will place order later
    If you have any more questions about customs/delivery etc feel free to ask. We've had lots of UK customers, and they might be able to answer some of your questions. Thanks for choosing NutraPlanet!

    PS out of curiosity, how did you hear about us?



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