Just purchased HGW ... Icariin or Icariins

  1. Just purchased HGW ... Icariin or Icariins

    my 100 grams of HGW just came in and I was wondering .. I know it says 20% Icariin .. but I just wanted to make sure it wasnt the lower quality Icariins that I keep reading about.

    Someone on another board said the better Icariin has a yellow color powder where the lower quality Icariin is brown?? Any validity to this statement? Does the 50% Icariin powder look yellow?

  2. I was also interested in purchasing the LJ100 Long Jack 100:1 10 gram tubs ..

    What is the recommended dosage per day of LJ100?
    And how many mg per 1/4 tsp

    Thanks for any help guys!!!!!!!!

  3. I recall my 50% icariin being a light yellow/green colour. I haven't bought the 20% personally, but it is the icariin not icariins content listed.

    LJ dosage varies, not my expetise but I recall up to 1g at night and waking up, although search is a better option lol.

    The container will state the serving size per 1/4 tsp, i.e. 600mg 1/4 tsp.

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