Is IBE Matrix in or out of stock?

  1. Is IBE Matrix in or out of stock?

    I'm getting different things on different screens.???

  2. bump so I can order

  3. Looks like its in stock to me. I went all the way to "checkout" and it was still showing as in stock.

  4. I got in stock until I went to order, when it said out of stock. My order shipped already.

  5. strange.
    i'll bet it will be in your order when it arrives.
    if not drop an email to the customer service guys and they will get you hooked up!

  6. Bah, I took it out of the order, as I assumed the not in stock in the shopping cart was correct.

    Next time.

  7. Hey Poison. It probably has to do with the quantities you were trying to order as we only have 1 in stock at this time. Sorry bud !

  8. :sobbing:

    No worries.


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