All The Whey....whey Isolate

  1. Thumbs up All The Whey....whey Isolate

    I just wanted to pop a quick review on this product since I've read a few bad experiences with the company's customer service.

    I ordered it on a whim since it was $2 cheaper than ON, and entirely ISOLATE instead of a blend so that means less intestinal gas!

    The taste of their Cup Cake batter flavor is fantastic, and has a distinct hint of marshmallow to it. Great in milk, and when mixed with Dextrose makes it REALLY sweet.

    As for the profile, you can't beat it. 1 scoop has a little over 100cals and 25 g protein, with 0 carbs and 0 fat.

    Also, sweetened with Splenda instead of ACE K or Phenyl. Big plus for me.

    Anyway, I'm not sure about the customer service issues with buying directly, but I know that you won't have those issues with Nutra. So, if you're looking for a good alternative to ON with a complete ISOLATE; go All the whey.

    It's worth noting that if you want the blend, it's $30 for 5 pounds. Great price.

    So, in closing, thumbs up for the product if it is indeed legit (I've only had it a few days, so I can't vouch for it meeting label claims without tracking my gains over time). and a great addition to Nutra's stock.

  2. Thanks for the review Mercy. All the Whey is my personal preference in protein powders as well (taste is legit like you said). Have yet (and don't plan to be) to be disappointed by a flavor.

  3. All The Whey Isolate is the realness. An amazing ingredient profile combined with a spectacular taste profile and an incredibly reasonable price makes it the best product on the market. I honestly can't believe how cheap the stuff is for the quality of the ingredients. It's outrageous. You'll pay at least $50 for any comparable isolate.

    ATW is the only place I get my protein. Aside from their isolate (cupcake batter is amazing!) Lean & Fit is also a great protein. It's 50% whey isolate and 50% micellar casein, making it a great protein as a meal replacement, as part of a post workout shake, or as a bedtime snack.

  4. I demand more products! Specifically the "Refill" bags. I'd like to save an extra buck or two and not have to throw away another plastic protein jug that will sit in a landfill for 100 years.

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