estimated ETA

  1. estimated ETA

    On bulk omega 3 caps and/or DCP. Thanks.


  2. Guess I'll look elsewhere, thanks for the reply

  3. Sorry for not replying when I originally read you post Scott, but I often don`t have the ETA on products and I don`t like posting a blank.

    I`ll check with Dsade on the DCP eta, and I`ll try and get a bulk Fish Oil 1000ct. In the mean time, we do have Omega-3 (250 capsules) By: NutraPlanet and also quite a few products from NOW, Search Results For: Omega-3 .

  4. NP's brand of fish oil, both in the 1000 count and 250 count bottles are en route to NP headquarters as we speak.

  5. DCP is being bottled today (tablets) and will ship out on Monday to Nutra.
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