Account order not showing

  1. Account order not showing

    I made an order and am trying to track it, but its not showing when i go to orders. how can i view it to track it?

  2. Did you get the order updates via email? Typically you will receive the order placed, then processing, and finally a shipped email with the tracking number.

  3. It may still be processing due to Gut Health (assuming you ordered a bottle.) Either way I wouldn't worry bro, just ask for a ninja monkey next time. They have to overnight those little buggers.
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  4. nope never recieved a processing thing or anythign...but i recieved a email about my address changing. if i give you the umber can you check for me

  5. tex -
    i'm assumming your logged into your NP account.
    you clicked on "my account" in the top right of your screen.
    then clicked on "order history" and it isn't showing your recent order?
    i would send an email to [email protected] m and be sure to include your order #.
    they should be able to look into it for you.



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