1. Question Cre-02

    Does NP plan to carry MSTs CRE-02? If yes, then what is the ETA?


  2. You can buy direct from , until Nutra gets it.

  3. Yes, I aware, but I don't want to pay the price from MSTs website when it will be cheaper once online websites get it. I'm just looking to get and ETA from NP if it's coming.

  4. Anybody know anything about this? Not sure why I can't get a response.

  5. posting about it here was def a good idea. It lets NP know what to start carrying. So you just gotta play the waiting game until someone who knows answers.
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  6. metroba is correc. these requests do get seen, so thanks for putting them up! i've passed along word about cre-02 but haven't heard back on if/when it will be stocked.
    something like this where NP already carries the MST line will likely be added soon.

  7. Cool. Thanks for the response. War Nutraplanet

  8. Heard that Cre-02 is coming very soon. Any idea when it will be up on your site. Just waitin for it so I can make an order. Thanks.

  9. Looks like its there now.

  10. It must have just got added. I've been checkin. Solid fellas.


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