Did nutraplanet get new containers?????? looks like it

  1. Wink Did nutraplanet get new containers?????? looks like it

    TNT Stack™ (Testosterone Complex) By: NutraPlanet

    based off that pic looks like u guys got new containers.

    is that the same for all bulk powders.

    did you by chance start getting tests on the powders to rule out any contamination with anything else? thanks guys!

  2. I am not sure, but I think they changed their nozzle pump. And they also give a little measuring cup in the baggie as well.

  3. We have been upgrading out nutracaps line, introducing new containers. http://www.****************/category/...ies/nutracaps/ are actual pictures of the bottles, you can see the ones which have changed already. CLA caps are next, and the rest will follow.

    I also noticed a change in the bulk powder containers; The lid appears to be more smooth on the 100 gm container, but still basically the same. Also contamination has not been a problem I am aware of.

  4. The new containers look phenominal from what I have seen thus far..

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