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    Hey there,

    I see you have the multivitamin 'Now' Adam, any chance you can get the 'Eve' version in? Wanting it for my gf and I see only your competitor has it but not you. Any chance of nutraplanet stocking this sometime soon?

  2. The sticky often gets overlooked, but product requests are best posted in The Official Product Request Thread .

    I'm pretty sure we can add Eve to the next shipment, I'll pass the request on to Darren. I assume you are referring to NOW Foods - Eve Women's Multiple Vitamin - 120 Vcaps®

    From the description the small caps seem to be a selling feature, but 6 caps a day seems a bit tedious and that means each bottle only lasts 20 days!

  3. Heya, yup those are the ones. Be awesome if you could get those in, as I'd buy a few. I'd prefer to order from you that somewhere else.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    Hey good find, I guess I can try those out



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