Product Request - MRI NOS

  1. Product Request - MRI NOS


    Any chance you guys can start offering MRI Pro NOS protein? Currently it is my favorite and I would hate to do all of my orders at NP and then hop on to some other website to order it.


  2. You missed our thread ( The Official Product Request Thread ).

    Which flavour has you hooked? I've heard great things about Scivation's Chocolate (Great price , although it is a big leap of faith). Also All The Whey's Cupcake Batter is amazing as well !

  3. Steve, thanks for your response.

    I have heard good stuff about Scivation Whey. However its profile suggests it has Whey Concentrate alongside Isolate and generally I dont respond very well to Concentrates. ATW is fantastic and I have placed total order of about 25 lb till date. However it is pure Whey while Pro Nos is a blend and I can use it as a mid meal as well as right after workout.

    I have tried Vanilla Creme and Banana Creme. Been through about 4 tubs now and I definitely liked it.

  4. If they stocked it, you'd be the only person who would buy it......

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