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Anabolic Edge, NOW IN STOCK!!!

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    Anabolic Edge, NOW IN STOCK!!!

    Palo Alto Labs' Anabolic Edge is now in stock at the Planet, for ONLY $34.95!!!

    What is Anabolic Edge?

    Anabolic Edge is the world’s first athletic performance enhancing product designed to promote extreme muscle growth while greatly enhancing your body’s muscle endurance. Anabolic Edge can be used alone for extreme muscle building effects or used as part of your post pro-testosterone cycle support. Users of Anabolic Edge can expect to experience impressive gains in overall athletic endurance and anabolic activity resulting in dense, lean muscle growth.

    What Does Anabolic Edge do?

    * Designed to rapidly increase ATP and Oxygen utilization
    * Increases Aerobic & Anaerobic Endurance
    * Enhances your body’s ability for Aerobic & Anaerobic Recovery
    * Modulates estrogenic receptors while controlling Aromatase
    * Boosts Natural Testosterone Levels
    Nice Products, Nice Prices, Nice People, No!....Welcome to our World!

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    what a great price to kick off this new product!!!
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    Thanks Gents! This price is INSANE!!!

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