UK customer saying thanks!

  1. UK customer saying thanks!

    Cheers NutraPlanet (and FedEx)!

    I had been looking at a big order recently and figured out that it was just a little cheaper to buy from you guys and get it imported than it was to buy direct in the UK (especially with Anabolic Pump, man that stuff is like gold dust here!)

    So i placed the order and after the initial security check, which actually was completely painless (cheers Barbara). The order was processed Wednesday morning (wednesday evening in the UK).

    My doorbell rung at 10am Friday Morning and there was the FedEx guy at the door. So from order to delivery, cross continental in less that 48 hours. Fantastic. Thats the same time it would have taken if i'd order it in the UK, AND i saved about $50 AND everything i wanted was in stock (which it wasnt in the uk, and no one could give me dates for it), AND thanks to FedEx i was able to track my parcel all the way to my door including tracking the flight it was on in real time (whilst it was in US airspace). That was quite a nice little suprise.

    Think i'll be ordering from NP alot more now.

  2. Glad you enjoyed your experience! They are notoriously fast in their shipping. Not sure what Sam and crew have worked out with the shipping arrangements but i'm guessing it required a trip to some crossroads and a soul was sold that day...

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