Tnt Test Stack?

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  1. I think I'll just call GC; he'll know.

  2. Quote Originally Posted by stryder View Post
    I hate teasing you guys like this...but it's for your own good, so suck it up

    This is going to be a completely natural herbal blend without any hormones...a true test booster with ZERO suppression.

    More info coming in the next day or two

    HAHA, yea right, ya luv it, ya know it, ya got us salivating like wolves waiting for the kill, er, uh, I mean waiting for the info.

    Now I go back into my corner and suck it up until the time comes.
    PHF Rep


  3. The TNT Stackô should be a tight and effective punch at that price range. Keeping my toes crossed!

  4. I bet this comes out before Prime...

    Nutra, is this anything like what USP Labs once put out. They called it TNT as well? Just curious.


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