Bulk fish oil

  1. Bulk fish oil

    I noticed bulk fish oil is discontinued, but then it linked me to another product, which is basically the same thing, but it's going to be in a tub I assume by the looks of the picture? Anyways, when are you going to be getting this product back in stock?

  2. they no longer are available in the bags.. buy the bottle same thing.. just nicer since it's in a bottle..

  3. I know it's in the bottle, but when are they going to be back in stock?

  4. Who is the manufacturer of these caps? Was it the Meg3 brand manufactured by ONC?

  5. id like to place an order with this in it before the 11th...please let us know!

  6. i was told it would be in late next week

  7. Can't wait till this stuff is back in stock nice and cheap!
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