Grid view as default

  1. Grid view as default


    I'm just wondering if there are any plans to allow a user to configure their default view on NP. Right now, I prefer the grid view over the list view and find that every time I visit NP, it goes back to the list view.

    While I would prefer the grid view as default, I understand that some may want the list as default which is why I mentioned it as a way for a user to configure it.


  2. I have every intention of making this an option, it may be a couple weeks before I can get around to it though

    Between now and then I will see about making the cookie that saves the preference stick around for awhile, say a year or so. That way it at least wont revert every time you close your browser.

  3. Cool!

  4. The site will now save your default view as a cookie for 365 days. This is still not an account setting though so you will have to set this on every computer you use, but it will stick around for awhile now.

  5. Nice I never really used grid view much, but I've switched and it is definitely easier to see more items at once!



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