Heptadrol 11-kt and 11-oxo

  1. Heptadrol 11-kt and 11-oxo

    My understanding is that 11-oxo converts to 11-kt?! Why have both in the same product?!

  2. Maybe just maybe we have a case of different ways of uptake in the body for the different forms.
    But I highly doubt it but would need to read up to be sure.

    And then there is also the point that the time before converting makes a difference in the way the peak concentration is reached. But I also wonder if that makes a huge difference in this case.

    Honestly I think someone just put it together without really having a good reason but I may get proved wrong.

  3. I am also wondering about the 1 pill/24 hours, some of these compounds half life is less than 12 hours...

  4. Would be nice to know the amount of each ingredient. JMO, but I think there's too many compounds in this.

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