Here's a good one, FOX NEWS : "...HGH, a stimulant..."

  1. Here's a good one, FOX NEWS : "...HGH, a stimulant..."

    I was just watching Fox News Weekend Live about 20 minutes ago and got a laugh outta this, maybe you will too. They were talking about Roger Clemens, aka the rocket, and the investigation on his alleged steroid use when they cut away to Laura Ingals (sp?). She was talking about Clemens trainer who claims to have proof of Clemens use of steroids and HGH. She then went on to talk about Clemens wife who was supposedly administered HGH to aid in her preparation for some upcoming swimsuit photoshoot. Ingals said "...HGH, a STIMULANT,..." I couldn't help but laugh when I heard this. Just more proof of what we already know on how misinformed the media is on the topic of steroids and performance enhancing drugs. Makes you wonder how many other things they report on that are grossly misrepresented.


  2. This isn't the same clip I had seen where HGH was referred to as a "stimulant".

  3. Here's a link to an article (not from Fox news) that refers to HGH as a "muscle-growth stimulant". This is a bit closer to the truth then flat out referring to HGH as a pure stimulant. Though Fox news never called HGH a CNS stimulant, that how most people are going to perceive that statement when not specifically stated as being a "muscle-growth stimulant".


    If anyone finds the clip seen on Fox News Weekend Live with Laura Ingals , please post it.
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    It's not fox news its Fix news.

  5. haha! good one!


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