Christ, a brain eating amoeba?

  1. many of our members would be completely safe from such an amoeba

  2. Wha...???


  3. what sucks and is sort of funny is that the wife and I were talking about potentially going to lake havasu next year for vacation, cause the whole london bridge thing. I guess we'll swim in the hotel pool instead

  4. Whoa.....that's crazy

  5. It's nothing to be terribly alarmed about really. This amoeba and several other species are fairly common in hotsprings and other warm bodies of water. Often these hotsprings are visited by thousands of people per year and it is quite rare that anyone becomes infected. 23 people in in over a decade is way less than say, deaths from meningitis which can strike at random.

  6. Guess that is true unless it kills your friends son like it did mine.

    I did not do the last triathlon I was scheduled to do because the water had been well over 85 for the past month.

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  7. Sorry to hear that, Crowler. Just trying to keep things in perspective.


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