Law enforcement officers HAVE to assume the worst. You cannot expect to live a long life and retire if you dont. And yes cops wear a target on them EVERY time they step from their house, go to the store with their wife and kids, get McDonald's, cut the grass in their front yard. There are dedicated criminal and malignant groups/people who will kill and harm you JUST because of what you do for a living.

When was the last time you heard of a plumber getting shot just because he was a plumber and was called to a house to fix a leaky faucet. I can tell you a story of a friend of mine who was sniped as he stepped from his patrol car... just because he was a cop. It has nothing to do with what TYPE personality you have - I know plenty non-type A's who wear a badge. It has everything to do with the nature of the beast and it is a dangerouse and violent creature that has no pitty, no remorse, and no concience.

This guy was wrong. When has anyone ever been right telling the cops to screw off (verbaly or by action) and something good came of it? This is not Communist Russia - we in the community do value our rights and the rights of others but when the police arrive they are there to stop whatever is happening so that the situation can be resolved.

Should he have tased the guy holding the baby? Dont know, was'nt there. Sounds bad that he did but sometime things and events sound bad when you're not there. Like I said before "It's a big s**t sandwitch and they all had to take a bite..

PS: And if people think US cops are bad - try seeing how some of the other "western" nations do law enforcement - big sticks and heavy hands...

Officer Down Memorial Page The two incidents on August 15th, 2007 are just two recent examples of how deadly the beast really is.

And the list goes on...

Sorry to get off subject a bit and bring the mood down - but people who dont face evil everyday dont think it exists in the manner or capacity that it does.