Clinton campaign insulted by cleavage article

  1. haha that's just gross to me, who wants to look at old lady tits, let alone write stuff about them.

    that does suck though how attention was focused on her cleavage instead of her ideas and opinions, perhaps its because some people dont give a crap about what psycho hillary has to say though

  2. "Frankly, focusing on women's bodies instead of their ideas is insulting. It's insulting to every woman who has ever tried to be taken seriously in a business meeting. It's insulting to our daughters -- and our sons -- who are constantly pressured by the media to grow up too fast," Lewis said.

    great lets push the woman card a little bit more. i am a male in his mid twenties...i am not going to elect someone running a platform with undertones of feminism.....

  3. thats just it. they are trying to take the focus off her ideas and comments. the more she speaks the less people like her. also its gross.

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