World's Strongest Man Competitor Jesse Marunde died

  1. World's Strongest Man Competitor Jesse Marunde died

    This is really too bad. Here's what his site said:

    Friends, we suffered a great loss in the strongman community last evening. The Sequim Crew was doing what they do. Training hard and particularly training Jesse for the WSM contest in Anaheim. He died quickly and painlessly.

    The squat set was as follows:
    230kg x 8
    190kg x 8
    150kg x 8
    110kg x 8
    70kg x 8
    Followed immediately by:
    600# tire flip
    265# stone load
    All of this was done with no rest between sets. Rack, pull, go
    At the completion of these sets Jesse laid on his back, on the cold floor like normal. Breck and Sarge noticed that his breathing was laborious. Jesse became incoherent and stopped breathing. We administered cpr, called 911 and continued to resusitate until paramedics arrived. They set up the defibrillator, epinephrin, to no avail. He was worked on for over an hour between Breck, Sarge and the paramedics.

    These are the facts as it happened. We are deeply saddened by this tragic loss. We appreciate your support and prayers.

    The Sequim Crew

    Another article is here: Jesse Marunde Has Died: 'World Strongman' Winner Dies After Workout - Original News: The Post Chronicle

    Edit: whoops, didn't see this posted in thr power/strongman section

  2. That sucks. Cause?

  3. It sounded like a heart attack from what I've seen.

  4. Very sorry to hear this

  5. This sucks! Apparently he just had a baby 6 weeks ago too. RIP big Jesse



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