Wtf- Government Charging Soldier For Lost Equipment ???

  1. Thumbs down Wtf- Government Charging Soldier For Lost Equipment ???


    ..Shouldn't they just write it off as an operating expense ???

  2. ya, use to it was called a field loss... now they either get charged for the equipment or get an article 15. some bs in my opinion

  3. This guy may be a perfectly innocent victim of government bureaucracy, but sometimes other things are involved. I've seen soldiers sell stuff like body armor, and helmets for some quick cash. This guy didn't turn gear in when he cleared...they imply he lost his stuff in the field in Iraq, but its short on details.

    What gear was lost, at what point was the discrepancy noted?

    He may be perfectly innocent. Typically when people get report of surveys done, where they are assessed for the gear that they lost its because they lost it through obvious neglect.

    Soldiers that lose their gear honest are almost always taken care of in my experience.

  4. I wonder who in the pentagon got charged after they lost 140,000 weapons?

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