Microsoft F*cked For $1 Billion on Xbox360 !!!

  1. Exclamation Microsoft F*cked For $1 Billion on Xbox360 !!!

  2. You're looking at the values of the corporation as a whole. XBox is a section of Microsoft. Because of this, they are put in the books under different funds and accounts.

    So yeah, this is sort of a big deal for the whole XBox company, despite the fact that it's barely a dent on the entire corporation.
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    That 1 billion is the estimated value of the extended warranties. They didn't actually lose 1 billion dollars. They may lose more or they may lose less depending on how many fail and even then how many actually know about and cash in on their warranty.

    Oh and, thesinner, is that Jolene Blalock in your avatar?

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    Oh and, thesinner, is that Jolene Blalock in your avatar?
    Minus the Start-Trek Costume. You better believe it!
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  5. And that's ONLY for the "three flashing lights error message" problem. Microsoft is not covering all the other things that are broken with their machines - just that 1 specific thing.

    2 of my friends at work have broken XBox 360's at home that M$ said are NOT covered. One has a broken DVD player, while the other's hard drive fritzed. No 3 flashing lights though - so SOL.

  6. $hit! i knew i should have gotten a Playstation 3.

  7. Yeah this was covered in a popular consumer program here in Holland beginning of the year. There were thousands of complaining people but Microsoft tried to blame the consumers for not handling the console right and tried to cover up all the bad bad problems their Xbox360 suffers from. They did not want the problems to get big press.

    It's good they finally admitted. I know people who have had 3 to 6 new xboxes already due to rings of death/scratching on dvds etc.

  8. Oh yah the first day i got my xbox 360 i kept getting disk read errors. I just packed it up and sent it back for " repairs" or replacement lol.

  9. That's why I haven't bothered with one yet. I usually like to wait for the kinks to get worked out of a console before buying it. They always have problems initially. Although ... admittedly, I didn't wait for a Wii. But Nintendo has their **** together; they have a really good track record for hardware.

    As for the PS3, there's no reason to get one until they have some damn GAMES for it. Only decent PS3 game as far as I know is Ninja Gaiden and honestly that **** is just way too hard. I don't like to get frustrated with games.

  10. The computer and electronics industry has made a living out of beta testing their products in the field with unsuspecting end users!

    It is good to see a little payback for one of the big boys


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