Champions Tour to adopt whatever policy PGA enacts

  1. Champions Tour to adopt whatever policy PGA enacts

    Just in case any of you 50+ y/o golfers out there were plannin on hitting the juice...

    ESPN - Champions Tour to follow PGA drug-testing policy - Golf

    Champions Tour to adopt whatever policy PGA enacts
    Associated Press

    Updated: June 25, 2007, 1:53 PM ET
    CONCORD, Mass. -- The Champions Tour will follow the PGA's policy on steroids and other performance-enhancing drugs.

    "We'll adopt whatever policies the PGA Tour does," Champions Tour president Rick George said Monday. "I certainly don't [think it's a problem]. But I think if the tour adopts a policy, it's important that the Champions Tour adopt the same policy."

    PGA commissioner Tim Finchem said last week his tour is getting closer to a policy banning performance-enhancing drugs, with testing likely to follow. The LPGA Tour and European Tour have announced plans to implement policies in 2008.

    Players must be 50 or older to play on the Champions Tour.

    "We do use a lot of Advil out here," tour spokesman Michael McPhillips said.

  2. Ohh well...I plan on juicin well into my 50's looks like I wont be able to hit the course.

  3. I better tell my pops to drop the dbol for the tournaments in the fall.
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