Hospital doesnt help person, person dies on floor

  1. Hospital doesnt help person, person dies on floor

  2. Yeah, read that. There are times when someone doing triage can mistake a serious illness for a less serious one (headache might just be a headache or it might be a symtpom of a stroke) but vomitting blood is an unmistakable sympton that something terribly wrong is going on.

  3. I couldnt beleive this when i saw the video. And the second dispatcher had me a little pissed off!!

  4. Ya I would have gone off on the second guy, makes you think how he would react in a worse situation with a very histerical person

  5. I don't really find this surprizing at all. Everytime I deal with my local hospital, I get the most pathetic service. They make you wait forever. The nurses sit around and don't do sH*t!. The doctors have an attitude and treat the nurses and anyone elese including the patient like they are not good enough. Its just pathetic.

  6. Our doctor out here gets you in asap an no problems. if I got **** from a doctor uh o

  7. I am actually surprised this doesnt happen more often, ER at hospitals are pretty ****, I had symptoms of a stroke once and got turned away from a hospital, went to a diffrent, smaller hospital and still had to wait 2 hours. I think best thing to do is call an ambulance and deal with paramedics not walk in there and deal with nurses.
    In australia now there is an ad campaign saying dont hesistate to call an ambulance if your having chest pain, which I dont understand because the ERs are full enough as it is, coincidently my mate was having chest pain and the ambulance came, what he didnt tell them was he was on a cocktail of drugs, they just told him hes dehydrated and to drink water and it would cost $700 to take him to the hospital.


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