Mr. Wizard, Don Herbert, died on Tuesday

  1. Unhappy Mr. Wizard, Don Herbert, died on Tuesday

    Don Herbert, who as television's "Mr. Wizard" introduced generations of young viewers to the joys of science, died Tuesday. He was 89.

    Herbert, who had bone cancer, died at his suburban Bell Canyon home, said his son-in-law, Tom Nikosey.

    "He really taught kids how to use the thinking skills of a scientist," said former colleague Steve Jacobs. He worked with Herbert on a 1980s show that echoed the original 1950s "Watch Mr. Wizard" series, which became a fond baby boomer memory.
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  2. Smile

    Mr Wizard was my first chemistry teacher I even had his kit !

  3. Man! I LOVED Mr. Wizard

  4. There was something really comforting about Mr. Wizard. Please don't take that the wrong way.

  5. Cool guy and I remember watching him too.



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