Bigeest Pig Ever Bigger Than Hogzilla !

  1. Exclamation Bigeest Pig Ever Bigger Than Hogzilla !

  2. good deal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. National Geographic did a show on Hogzilla. They dug him up and determined he was only 8' and 800 pounds instead of the 12', 1000 pounds that was claimed by the guys who killed him.

    Hogzilla was determined to be a Russian wild boar/domestic pig hybrid.

    This new pig is confirmed to be 1050 pounds. Be interestesting to hear what it's genetic makeup is.

  4. well he probly got some of his genetic makeup from my mom. shes a pig.

  5. That's some serious BBQ waiting to happen. You'd need a keg of mint jelly.

  6. those ribs would be nice too huh. MMMMMMM good


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