hannity and colmes great debate

  1. hannity and colmes great debate

    Anyone else see this? It's imus's producer and al sharpton talking on hannity and colmes. It's on now but almost over, they might replay it late or something though. As much as I think sharpton is pretty much a scumbag, he is well spoken and does an overall good job of keeping his cool. He deflected questions of his past very well. If you have a chance to watch it and you followed the case, I def recommend it

  2. Yeah, I thought it was just OK. They didn't really nail him on the Mormon comment, which coming off the Imus thing should have been the main issue. Al looked really nervous and all his answers where very defensive. By his own standard he should be fired of his Radio show and he knows that.

  3. yeah, every time they brought up sharpton's past he dodged it, and for some reason they would just let it die. Imus's producer (forget his name) even brought up sharpton's previous homophobic and anti-semitic statements, and then they didn't say anything else about it. Sharpton really didn't even offer a rebuttal or apology either, he just said they weren't relevant to the debate.

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