Al Sharpton My God Is Better Than Your God ???

  1. Question Al Sharpton My God Is Better Than Your God ???

  2. he is such a waste of air.

  3. Just another hatemonger posing as a man of God.

  4. That guy is a serious douche bag who holds black people back and makes all christians look like idoits.

  5. Cannot believe the black community has not found a Educated non preacher to lead them. There are some pretty damn well Educated and practical guys who would be infinitly better then Al or Jesse. Al is just a con man who plays off hate to line is pockets, Jesse just road of the back King to fame and lined his pockets.

  6. This guy has a superiority complex. He gives a bad reputation to the religion he represents. The truth doesn't criticize the false - the truth knows it's the truth so it doesn't need to.


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