Common 1000+ Calorie Entrees'- interesting

  1. Common 1000+ Calorie Entrees'- interesting

    Attack of the 1,000-Calorie Entrees! - Hungry Girl on Yahoo! Food

    found this article rather interesting and humorous because i couldnt tell you how many people enjoy a "good" salad loaded with chicken, bacon, cheese, blu chz, ranch, etc over a typical restraunt entre' and think they are eating so much healthier. article exposes some of the common restraunt entrees and their nutritional values.:hot:

  2. geez pf chang's makes chinese food look bad, so high in calories/fat!

  3. I printed that out to hang up in our gym...incredible!!

  4. What's the correlation between high fat Chinese food, yet small thin chinese people?

  5. Well it's that chinese people usually cook at home and not cook the way chinese restaurants cook which is geared towards american culture/style. Most meals my mother-in-law cooks has various veggies and usually always a dark green one.



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